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Cernunno's Executive Search


Finding managers who will lead your company into a promising future and at the same time fit your culture is probably one of the most demanding tasks in recruiting.

This also applies to specialists, for example in the medical and nursing sector.

With your personal executive search consultant at Cernunnos, find the manager who maximizes your resources and with whom you can realize your full business potential.

When it comes to recruiting specialists and executives, we are more than just a helping hand for you. Because we actively look for qualified specialists and executives for you and support you throughout the entire recruiting process.

Thanks to our wide-ranging industry know-how, our many years of experience in recruitment and our global presence, we can fill your key positions with qualified personnel.

In order to be able to support you in the recruitment of specialists and executives, we offer you a wide range of services. With a personal needs analysis, we form an ideal basis for targeted cooperation, develop a requirements profile for your candidates and carry out a comprehensive market analysis. Your interests are therefore a central component in the value chain for your new manager.


Executive Search – Your personal advisor at Cernunnos

We know that finding suitable, qualifiedSpecialist - andexecutives can be costly and time-consuming. In order to relieve your HR department in this matter, we will find suitable candidates for you and contact them actively, but discreetly and with the necessary expertise. But how does Executive Search work? As a rule, we conduct detailed consultations with you in which we analyze your needs. This discussion forms the basis for us to create a requirements profile that includes your wishes and ideas. Then the challenging part of the work begins for us - the search for your future specialist and manager.

We treat your data confidentially and are particularly discreet when it comes to your company details or information about your vacancy.

In order to be able to introduce you to suitable specialists and executives who meet your requirements as quickly as possible, our experts use our extensive database and business networks such as Xing or LinkedIn. Personal executive search consultants who have both specialist industry knowledge and access to the extensive database ensure the quality of working with us.

Executive Search – our comprehensive service portfolio

When it comes to the cast ofSpecialist and management positions, dealing professionally with you and your future specialists and managers is our top priority. After all, you are looking for personalities who will shape the future of your company and suit your company. In order to find the specialist and manager you are looking for, we will walk you through the recruiting process step by step.

By providing the following services, we guarantee you a successful and trusting cooperation in personnel consulting:

  • Personal needs analysis on site at the client

  • Definition and elaboration of the requirement profile

  • Salary Level Allocation

  • Market analysis and selection of an effective sourcing method

  • Research and pre-selection of suitable candidates from sources: direct contact, internal pool of candidates, international Hays executive network, research center, personal networks

  • Personal qualified interviews with potential candidates (competence assessment)

  • Presentation of a shortlist

  • Suitability diagnostics, background and reference check of the candidates in question

  • At the request of the customer, accompanying the job interviews and summarizing the interviews

  • Accompaniment of the contract negotiations at the request of the customer


Why Executive Search with Cernunnos?

We know how important the right leader is to the success of your company. Because with their ideas, their motivation and their personality, they fully exploit the potential of your company and pave the way to a successful future. 


We combine the reach of an international company with the excellence and flexibility of an executive search boutique.

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